Teemat -ikoni "hukassa"? (N95, N95 8GB, N82)esim. uusin fw.Täältä ratkaisu!

Keskustelu osiossa 'Nokia ja Microsoft', aloittaja JPW™, 20/5/08.

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    Löytyi ihan sattumalta ratkaisu tuohon Teemat kuvakkeeseen, joka joidenkin uusien puhelimien päivityksissä ainakin on "kadonnut" valikoiden uumeniin. Huono puoli on, että se on englanniksi, eli jos Lontoo taittuu, niin siitä vaan: (on todettu toimivaksi):

    If you upgraded your N95 from previous firmware versions such as V12.......or got bored of your N73 or N80 and bought a new N95 8GB or a N82, well either way you would have noticed that the new firmware is great and all; you know with demand paging and the new menu structure and everything but after a while your like what the hell happened to Themes on the main menu?

    You gotta go through like a dozen menus to get to themes, now thats just annoying and i'm sure a million other people feel my pain.

    OK now after reading this little trick i bet your gonna say something like: 'No Freakn way man it worked' trust me i felt the same.

    To get the Themes Icon Back on your phone do this:

    Note: This doesn't require any firmware hack or special program, just pick up your cell and do it, thats why i called it a 'trick'

    OK Now:

    1. Goto Device Manager on your phone.

    Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device mgr.

    2. Open Device Manager and you should see details about your phones Firmware, thats good. Now move to the other tab which is called Profiles, like most of us it will be empty.

    Press Options > New Server Profile.

    3. Now your gonna see alot of options like Server Name, Server ID and all. Put whatever you want in them just make sure you fill in all the ones that have a star next to them because when you exit your options should be saved and that can only be done by filling in all the required fields.

    If you don't know what i mean than heres my screens for help


    Now after filling in the fieldsl press back and you should now see a new server profile with the name you specified.

    4. Now click options > start configuration, its gonna ask you if you want to and click yes a connecting screen will come and than it will ask you to chose a access point, now don't worry we are not going gprs now just select cancel, it will take you back to Device Mgr but this time your server profile will now have a time, Thats it!!! now goto application folder and prepare to get shocked cause now you have your Themes icon.....


    Edit: Laitetaan nyt kuitenkin lyhyt suomennos, kun päätin itsekin kokeilla ja toimiihan se todella. Eli ainoa pointti on, että punaisella tähdellä merkittyihin kohtiin kirjoittaa jotain, sillä ei ole mitään merkitystä, mitä niihin kirjoittaa. Kun ne kohdat on täytetty, painetaan takaisin, jolloin profiili tallentuu ja tämän jälkeen otetaan yhteyttä palvelimeen, ja kun tulee valinta mikä yhteysosoite valitaan, painetaan peruuta. Tämän jälkeen voit poistua laitehallinnasta ja teemat ikoni löytyy sovelluksista.

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