Symbianiin multiprosessorituki

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    Asiasta kertoo mm. Symbian Freak ja cellular-news

    Cellular-news kirjoittaa:
    Symbian has announced that its Smartphone OS will now come with support for the ARM Symmetric Multi-processor (SMP) architecture. SMP support in future versions of Symbian OS will use multiple CPU cores to provide 'performance on demand' - battery life will be improved by accessing cores only when running demanding high-end multimedia applications and powering them down when they are not in use.

    In converged mobile devices, SMP CPUs consist of multiple cores which can be individually powered up and down by the operating system. This delivers high performance for high-end applications such as games, browser-based intelligent services, and media-rich applications such as video streaming or TV recording, while offering low power consumption when the device is idle or executing less performance-critical tasks.

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