Siemens ja USB kaapeli "bat power" ajurit haussa .

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    Puhelin M50 ja kaapelina USB "Bat power 80885" myyjän vinkki hae ajurit osoitteesta Paha vaan että ao mesta on kadonnut netin ihmeellisestä maailmasta.

    Eli ei sulla sattuis oleen ajuria 98:n?

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    Pääsin tuonne sivuille ja etsin sieltä ainoan Siemenssin USB-väyläisen data kaapelin ajurin, toivottavasti tämä on sitten oikea ajuri.

    Tuossa on sivuilla olleet ohjeet.

    1. Download driver software using link below and extract all files to a folder on your hard-drive.

    2. Connect the USB end of the data cable into an available USB port on your computer.

    3. Windows will auto-detect new hardware and you should select the option to search for drivers.

    4. When Windows requests optional search locations you should check only "Specify A Location".

    5. When prompted for a specific location, choose the folder you used in step 1.

    6. The drivers will then install and map the USB cable to a virtual com port, eg, COM 5.

    7. Turn the phone on.

    8. Plug the data cable into the phone, making sure that it clicks securely into position.

    9. Run the required phone software.

    10. Check that all the software settings are correct.

    Trouble Shooting

    1. Repeat the above instructions, but try turning your phone on after the software is running.

    2. Serial port settings must not been in use by another device (eg. internal modem). You can check this through the Device Manager that can be found in Windows Control Panel.

    3. There must be no IRQ/DMA conflicts on the serial port. You can check this through the Device Manager that can be found in Windows Control Panel.

    4. The correct serial port must be selected in the software. Try different serial ports if you are unsure what serial port to use.

    5. The cable must be configured correctly in the software settings.

    6. All connections must be secure to get a reliable connection.

    7. The software you are using must be compatible with your computers operating system (eg. Windows 98) and the software must support your cable/phone.

    8. The software you are using must be installed correctly, and you should always reset your computer after installing new software.

    9. When trying to use the phone as a modem, you should check that the com port speed and other settings are set in accordance with the phone manufacturers guidelines. Your sim card must also be data enabled by your service provider.

    10. You should only have one program that uses the serial port running at once. Having two or more programs trying to access the serial port at once will cause port conflicts and errors.

    11. When using unlocking software in Windows NT, 2000 or XP then you also need to install UserPort (44Kb).

    12. If you encounter problems when installing drivers then you can uninstall them using the program titled "DrvRemover" that can be found in the folder you created in step 1 of the instructions.

    13. If the drivers are not installed properly and errors are report in the Device Manager part of Windows "System" Control Panel then you should attempt to reinstall the drivers. This can be done by viewing the device properties and clicking the "Reinstall Drivers" option.


    1. Check that you have upgraded to the latest version of the software you are using.

    Recommend Software

    1. Siemens Explorer

    2. Siemens Modem Drivers

    3. SoftDataLink 3.0

    4. SoftDataLink 5.0

    5. SMS Master

    6. All Phone Data Suite (APDS)

    Please note, other software is available and will also work fine.

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