P800 SonyEricsson palaute email?

Keskustelu osiossa 'Sony', aloittaja paju, 10/7/03.

  1. paju

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    Olen tehnyt listaa P800 bugeista ja parannuksista ja haluaisin laittaa sen SonyEricssonille. Customer care nyt on yhtä tyhjän kanssa, joten sellainen osoite josta raportti voisi mennä eteenpäin olisi hyvä.

    Mikäli et halua antaa osoitetta julkisesti niin laita PM. (omaan kohtuullisen vahvan softataustan sulautetulta puolelta, joten tiedän jotain bugeista :)-)) eli ei ole BS lista)
  2. Shrike

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    Motorola Milestone, Saunalahti
    Voisitko pistää tännekin tuota listaa jos se ei ole ihan tolkuttoman pitkä?
    Voisit sitten sinne lisätä meidänkin kertomia vikoja ja ilmoittaa listan olevan isommankin joukon käsialaa. Vai mitä?

    Juuri keskustelin IRC:ssä samasta aiheesta jonkun norjalaisen jampan kanssa. Se valitteli ainakin muistien kalleutta (heh heh) ja sitten esimerkiksi sitä ettei vanha ChatBoard toimi P800:ssa (softalla korjattavissa?).
    Lisäksi se toivoi esim. laajempaa virtuaalinäppistä (hakusessa oli esim. kyrilinen näppis).

    Itselläni ei tule tällä hetkellä mitään isompaa mieleen, ainoastaan se ettei SMSää tehdessä samaa viestiä voi pistää useampaan numeroon.
    Olisiko tuohon jo tarjolla joku softa?
  3. paju

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    OK. Vielä en ole saanut kunnon yhteystietoa, mutta sain customer caresta pyynnön lähettää lista niille. Saa nähdä mitä listalle tapahtuu.

    Jokatapauksessa, tässä on lähettämäni lista pääpiirteissä (älä välitä kielioppivirheistä):

    P800 Bugs and feature enhancements

    Version information:
    Phone: CXC162002 R2F
    Bluetooth: CXC12529 R5A
    Organizer: CXC162001 R2B03
    CDA: CDA162001/1 R4A02


    Flip closed
    -'Contact list' -shows email address when it is not usable (one cannot
    call to email address)

    -stays on. Activated by scheduled email check but never turned off.
    Happens seldom.

    User interface (OS)
    -a button can lock to 'pressed' unless repressed (in every application
    i.e. OS UI problem)

    -synchronisation with Outlook 2002 does not work properly: Category set
    in phone is not exchanged. In case 3 or more mobile phone numbers are
    used by a person, only 2 are exchanged. Sometimes (haven't found the
    logic) phone numbers are lost during the synchronisation (it does not
    matter at which end the numbers are edited)

    -indication of unread messages despite that they are all read. Seems to be
    problem with IMAP. This problem occurs when messages are read e.g. via
    PC email client and deleted before reading them first with the phone.
    -scheduled email check seems to affect the stability of the phone (e.g.
    freezed camera picture)

    -freezes after a while i.e. no picture from camera is not shown anymore.
    Takes pictures still though. Seems to happen after phone has been on for
    several days and camera and picture viewer programs are switched
    between each other (starting from camera). Also the amount of free
    phone memory seems to have influence (lower the amount of memory
    more eager it is to freeze - freeing memory helps occasionally)
    -when flip open and in camera mode the transition directly to emails via
    bottom bar mail icon causes static image to stay on top of message list

    Picture viewer
    -jammed the phone (seldom though). Power off did work and allowed to
    reboot the phone.

    Speaker phone
    -when flip is open and phone call is made the speaker is at low volume but
    after closing the flip and reopening it the volume increases to proper
    level. This did not happen with previous version (R2A).

    -when connection is made e.g. with laptop and the broken by removing the
    phone, the IR-connection in P800 jams sometimes. The best case is that it
    can be turned off but it takes quite some time before the icon
    disappears. The worst case is that the user interface jams and battery
    must be removed to get the phone back into operation.

    SMS (could happen with MMS too)
    -sometimes SMS messages cannot be received at all but only after phone
    is rebooted.

    -calling immediately after previous call or attempt does not work
    properly. The call is not made (no click sound from P800). It's only
    possible after few seconds of delay before making a new call. Very

    -in previous version (R2A) it was faster (but didn't work as good
    otherwise as this version). Now writing must be slowed down to get P800
    to read all hieroglyps. This is especially frustrating with characters
    such as ä (a with two dots)

    Call list
    -called, received etc. names are listed according to date or time, which
    causes the list to get unsorted (e.g. date: 09.07 time 12.34). In the
    list a call made/received a minute ago can be fifth in the list.


    Power saving
    -scheduled email check does not turn on the backlight or the LCD at all in
    case the keypad is locked i.e. phone is not in use (it may play music

    Web browser
    -in case the link e.g. from email was not correct (e.g. additional
    characters such as dot, bracket etc. at the end of link), user cannot
    modify then link but have to rewrite the link or copy it from somewhere.
    Simple dialog where the link is editable would be sufficient.
    -user definable cache for faster loading of pages -frame support (visible
    frames at same time) -pressing a link for a while opens up a pop up
    menu. There should be copy option of the link too.

    -much better calculator. Basic and scientific option from menu.

    Messages in general
    -cancelling of a message should be possible but now only deleting is,
    which makes user wonder a bit whether it deletes the original message too

    -an option to choose, which way the phone is wanted to be used. This
    would be a great improvement for the web browser
    -orientation setting when in landscape mode (from left to right or vice

    Toolbars and desktop
    -different icon sizes (option)

    -they should have exit option, which terminates the software and close,
    which closes but leaves the software running
    -more control over the background software running i.e. choice to force
    software to keep running (now e.g. Tracker, which I use some quits
    -similar interface for closing, exiting and overall look for all

    File Manager

    -received files storage at messages is not logical place. Via filemanager
    user can browse and view/listen/whatever files stored under IR-folder

    -delivery report to on/off for all (not just for single message i.e.
    default option)

    -setting for maximum size (just a warning before sending). Many of the
    phones in the market can receive MMS messages but only max size of
    30kB for example. Further improvements here would be e.g. to decrease
    the picture or sound file size by lowering the quality (launches appropriate
    program and from exiting it return back to MMS editing)

    -needs to work when phone is off (like Nokia do)

    -recording support
    -improved performance (seemed to be faster in previous version)

    Keypad lock
    -definable autolock time (immediate or number of seconds). It would be
    nice to use the flip as a keylock remover by opening and closing it
    (like it was with P380). Now keypad is locked immediately when flip is
    -faster responce when screen is off (could buffer keypad commands and
    open the lock despite the screen has not yet activated)

    -general improvemt of the operation speed
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    Motorola Milestone, Saunalahti
    Kerrotko mulle sen osoitteen kanssa niin pistän vastaavaa listaa eteenpäin myös itse?
  5. Andreas

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    MMS:n voi lähettää myös email -osoitteeseen...

    Useat 'puutteesi' korjautuvat jo saatavilla olevilla sovelluksilla. Mutta muuten ihan hyviä juttuja.

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