N-Gage Dis-Engaged?

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    N-Gage unengaging
    Stuff.co.nz - 2 hours ago
    Nokia's N-Gage handheld game deck has been released around the world, but it hasn't
    quite made the impact the company had hoped. Michael Herman reports. ...

    How did the N-Gage perform in the US?
    Hardware Zone - 19 hours ago
    Battousai reports :: Independent research firm Arcadia Research reports that the
    N-Gage sold less than 5,000 units across the United States in its first week ...

    N-Gage Dis-Engaged?
    Mobilemag.com - 5 hours ago
    In a last attempt to boost sales for an ineffective launch, Nokia is claiming to
    have sold some 400,000 N-Gage game units, according to Reuters news service. ...

    EB And Gamestop Sell N-Gage For $199.99
    FilmForce - 2 hours ago
    October 27, 2003 - EB Games and Gamestop are currently selling the new Nokia
    N-Gage $100 dollars below the suggested retail price of $299.99. ...

    Video games: N-Gage is not thoroughly engaging
    Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - 25 lokakuu 2003
    When I took Nokia's new N-Gage hand-held gaming console out of the box, the first
    thing I wanted to do was put a game in it, but I could not find a slot for ...

    N-Gage now $199
    GameSpot - 24 lokakuu 2003
    Motive for the price drop remains unclear. The two-week-old N-Gage received
    a major boost today from two of North America's biggest games sellers. ...

    N-Gage $199 until November
    GameSpot - 24 lokakuu 2003
    The two-week-old N-Gage received a major boost today, when Nokia slashed
    $100 off the console's $299 sticker price. This afternoon ...

    Nokia refutes Chart-Track N-Gage figure
    Ferrago.co.uk - 25 lokakuu 2003
    ... In addition to the Finnish mobile firm's recent report that global sales of the
    N-Gage have hit 400,000 after two weeks, the company has again broken it's ...

    N-Gage All The Rage? No
    PDALive.com - 24 lokakuu 2003
    ... This little fiasco comes close on the heels of Nokia's second befuddling move, paying
    people to play with their N-Gage in bars to give it a "cool" appearance.

    GameStop Drops N-Gage Price by $100
    GamePro - 24 lokakuu 2003
    Major US games retailer GameStop.com has reduced the price of Nokia's N-Gage
    handheld game console to $199, only two weeks after the system launched. ...

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