HELP! Can't get 3G on ZTE MF636 + Webee WiFi

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    I really need some help to get Saunalahti 3G Internet. I have a white ZTE MF636 3G modem stick, and it works well if I open the connection program and choose "3G only". I get about 2 Mbps, which is great.

    But when I plug it into my Webee WiFi router, it only connects at 2G speeds (when in Auto mode - autoselect between 2G and 3G), when I know 3G is available. On the 3.5G modem settings page, if I select "3G only", it never connects. It just keeps a solid red LED light (I believe it means roaming).

    What am I doing wrong? Has anyone had this problem? Can you help me set this up please?

    UPDATE: I seem to have fixed the problem. Moving the router didn't help get a better signal before, so I assumed that the fault was in hardware/firmware. But I inadvertently moved the router today and finally got a blue light (3G signal!). Problem fixed.

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